Galway Technical Institute

Return to Onsite Activity - Notice to Students

The Stakeholders working group met on April 8th, 2021, to discuss further phased return for learners in FET settings commenced on March 15th. The Stakeholders group was satisfied with the way the first stage of the reopening process was delivered by the sector when the final year Leaving Certificate / Leaving Certificate Applied session 4 learners and a small number of critical and time sensitive apprenticeship classes returned to FET Centres in line with the Government's COVID-19 Resilience & Recovery 2021 – The Path Ahead framework. Further updated information on May and June 2021 are in new public health measures - the path ahead.

Time-Critical Assessments Level 4-6

Having considered public health advice and the need to continue to limit attendance onsite, it was agreed by the Stakeholders group that learners at levels 4, 5 and 6 who are engaged in time-critical practical elements across the awards including QQI, City of Guilds, Junior and Senior Trade examinations will be allowed enter to FET centres and colleges on 12th of April as part of the agreed process for a phased reopening.  This is not a return to tuition, rather it is a return to facilitate instruction on specialist equipment required for the completion of time-critical practical elements and the completion of such time-critical practical elements. Learners will revert to emergency remote learning after those practical elements are completed. Onsite presence should be restricted to those engaged in time-critical practical elements only and is a subject to maintaining the minimum number of learners required onsite at any given time. It is not expected that the number of learners returning would exceed 5% on site at any one time.

The phased return to on-site activity for the completion of the time-critical practical elements will be subject to an agreed process where teacher /tutor will engage with FET Centre Management. 

  • The teacher/tutor will make an application to the FET Centre management outlining the rationale for onsite activity
  • State the proposed time period for onsite activity
  • State the number of learners involved
  • Confirm space and equipment requirements

It may be the case that not all time-critical practicals can be facilitated at the same time. FET Centre Management will then endeavour to facilitate requests while ensuring onsite activity remains minimal. 


The FET overarching guidelines will continue to apply and further education and training institutions will continue to operate primarily online with the emergency remote learning remaining the primary mode of delivery for most activities with remote working encouraged where possible. All requests from staff to engage in on-site provision are to remain the subject of risk assessment, consultation and agreement with management.